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The Child Protection System in England

Written evidence submitted by Ian Joseph

1:-The UK is the ONLY country in Europe (apart from Croatia and perhaps Portugal) to tolerate the practice of forced adoption.The severing of all contact FOR LIFE between children and their birth parents .In effect a LIFE sentence without the opportunity of being heard by a jury, often imposed on parents who have committed no crime but who are said to be a risk to their children following predictions by “experts” working closely with the local authority.

Yes the UK family courts then mete out “PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME” The ONLY people in the UK who are punished without crime are parents whose children have been “confiscated” by the hundreds, because those children are said to be “at risk” of emotional abuse!. The Family Courts presume parents are guilty of abusing or neglecting their children unless they can prove their innocence (which rarely happens !).

2:- Even worse the UK is the ONLY country in the world to GAG parents who wish to protest publicly when their children are taken. The right of all citizens to protest publicly against what they perceive to be oppression by the State is what separates democracy from tyranny. Long may it remain so !

3:-Are there really parents who are punished by the State when they have committed no crimes?? YES !!The ONLY people in the UK who suffer this injustice are parents whose children are taken away after so called “experts” make predictions of the future such as “risk of emotional abuse”.Most mothers would receive better and fairer treatment from the court if they killed their children (and benefited from the protection of criminal procedure) rather than tangle with the cold ferocity that demolishes 99.75%(judicial statistics) of the unfortunate parents who appear before the stern “establishment” judges sitting in our UK family courts.In other European countries such as France,Spain,and Italy,where “the family” is almost “sacred” they just cannot believe the behaviour of social workers in the UK when they take newborn babies from their mothers for “risk of emotional abuse”,a concept completely unknown on the continent .Indeed the whole idea of “emotional abuse” is met with incredulity!

4:-The three essential reforms we need are:-

A:- Freedom of SPEECH for parents at all times.

B:- Final hearings to be heard by JURIES

C:-An end to the Punishment of parents who have not committed any CRIME.

5:-PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME !!! The nightmare begins when social workers act like a second police force PUNISHING PARENTS who have NOT committed any crime. They do this by obtaining an emergency protection order “ex parte”( in the parents’ absence)to take away children into foster care. They claim these children have “suffered emotional harm”or worse still are “at risk of emotional harm” ! On this basis an order is nearly always granted without any problem by a “friendly” magistrate. They then pressurise the parents with threats that if they do not “do what we tell you”or if they dare to discuss “the case” with their children or tell them “we love you and miss you”during “contact” the social services will stop contact and maybe never let those parents see their children again etc .Parents are GAGGED when speaking to their own children !

6:- Even worse,when issuing INTERIM CARE ORDERS the “Family courts” have become “Kangaroo courts” . Interim care orders are issued on the basis of written statements from social workers and “hired experts” that cannot be questioned or disputed because these documents are not shown to the parents and in any case the authors are nearly always absent from court ! The parents are rarely allowed to testify as not only the judge but also their own lawyers nearly always stop them from speaking !If they do by some miracle manage to testify, what they say is not only disbelieved it is almost always completely ignored !The interim care orders are usually renewed automatically every month for nearly a year before a final care hearing is held ,during which time the unfortunate children are isolated and sometimes alienated from their parents(due to very limited supervised contact periods) wondering what they have done wrong !

7:-“Legal aid lawyers”, usually advise clients to “go along with social services”earning their fees the easy way ! Those few parents who succeed in winning and recovering their children are nearly always those who represent themselves.When this happens however judgements ,court documents,reports from experts, and position statements are often shown to parents at the last moment or not shown to them at all !As a consequence ,when local authorities apply for an interim care order in the family courts only one in 400 is refused !(official judicial statistics), so what chance do most of the unfortunate parents have?

8:-To cap it all social workers only too often, go round schools and friends of parents and,by their loaded questions spread harmful rumours about the parents.The unfortunate parents however are warned (quite wrongly in fact) that they are forbidden to talk to ANYBODY about their case (they actually CAN talk to individuals for advice and support) .Those bold enough to protest publicly, or otherwise break gagging orders are jailed in private for their impertinence (200+ per year according to Harriet Harman answering a Parliamentary question, when she was minister for children). Yes parents are legally GAGGED yet again, when their babies and toddlers are taken to protect the “privacy “of families and children !Grandparents,aunts,and uncles are excluded from the court in order to” protect the children’s privacy !” Social services however have no need to respect this “privacy” as they frequently advertise for adoption the children they have taken, with colour photos and first names in the Daily Mirror and other periodicals,much to the horror of parents when they see their offspring paraded for “the public to choose” like pedigree dogs!

9:-Eventually many of these children get adopted (“Forced Adoption”)and their siblings are often split up into different families despite the pleas of their parents who have been judged to pose a “risk of emotional abuse”to these babies and young children.Alone in Europe,only the UK (and maybe Croatia and Portugal) tolerates forced adoption of children against the wishes of parents in court.In most cases,the parents never see or hear from their children for the rest of their lives,so these children are cut off for ever not only from their parents,but also their grandparents,aunts,uncles,cousins and quite often also from their own brothers and sisters ! The parents (and their children) are in effect punished not for something they have done but for something some “expert” (using a crystal ball?) thinks they might do in the future !Babies and young children who have been battered and physically abused (like baby P) are “poor adoption material” and no use to social workers hoping to “hit” their adoption targets,(PAF C23 Ofsted) so they are more often than not left to die alone….

10:-Children however, with just ONE unexplained injury such as a bruise,a burn, or a fractured arm but with no prior record of abuse or injuries still make good adoption material and are seized for that purpose even when there is no evidence that the parents were in any way responsible. IT’S “ONE STRIKE AND YOU ARE OUT”.That is the cry of the “SS” and is typical of the way that “justice” is served up at our UK family courts !

11:-This is the REALITY of what actually happens to parents falling foul of the “system”.Is there a conspiracy?No need!Lawyers,fosterers,”experts”,adoption agencies,social workers,and even judges all do very nicely out of the present system and have no need to conspire ,but naturally they do unite to resist, to COVER UP any mistakes they may have made if anyone threatens to “rock the boat” !

12:-What reforms should the government introduce?Well,the social workers in “child protection” must be ordered to pass their enforcement functions back to the police, who should only remove children if crimes have been committed by parents that could adversely affect their capacity to care for the children. The family courts should adopt the rules of evidence that govern procedures in the criminal courts where fair and just rules of evidence now prevail.That is how it used to be before the Children Act 1948 when police and criminal courts(not social workers and family courts) dealt with removal of children from cruel or neglectful parents, and it worked much better !Parents would have the right to question their “accusers”,demand final hearings by juries, and would no longer be gagged.Parents should no longer threatened with jail if they complain publicly when their children are taken,and should no longer be threatened with having their contact sessions with their children in care stopped if they dare to discuss their case with them.The Children Act 1989 should be amended to remove all gagging of parents wishing to discuss publicly matters concerning their children or to talk about their case with those children.There would then at last be an excellent chance that most of these injustices would be eliminated.

13:-Yes family courts should be criminal courts and children should only be taken from parents if they have committed or been charged with a crime.At the moment however babies are snatched at birth from perfectly innoffensive and law abiding parents for “risk of emotional abuse”.This accusation is the social worker’s”favourite”as it is quite impossible for parents to prove their innocence when so called “experts” predict what they might or might not do at some time in the future ! Incredibly,mothers lose their children to forced adoption not for anything they HAVE done but for what some “experts” (reading tea leaves or tarot cards?) predict they might do !

Yes it’s punishment without crime !!

14:-Even the actual family court proceedings are fatally flawed . Only too often parents resisting a local authority application for an interim care order are faced with reports from social workers and “experts” who do not come to court and so cannot be questioned.Barristers read these reports as though they are themselves witnesses and present these reports made by absent officials and experts as though they are “gospel truth” . When the parents contradict them with live evidence in court the hearsay evidence coming from the local authority barristers is nearly always preferred !Furthermore,when the local authority employs an “expert” to rule on parents’ mental state,non accidental injury to a child,or parents’ general parenting skills those parents are routinely refused by a judge the opportunity to call experts of their own to counter those “expert opinions” .The result is that parents are then faced with reports by these experts who rarely turn up in court to be questioned. The parents are then informed that they have no qualifications so when the local authority’s expert says they are not fit parents,then that is the evidence that must be believed !

15:-The theory is that “adoption targets”(still very much in force via Ofsted PAF C23) are set to encourage social workers to find children languishing in care for years new permanent homes. The reality however is that adopters want babies not older children so social workers seize babies and toddlers to be put into care and from there into forced adoption with the agreement of compliant judges so that targets can be met !

Disgracefully in our family courts all the rules of evidence are casually “thrown out of the window”. SHAME on our family court legal system and all those who support it !


1:- Statements from the local authority are shown to the judge but rarely to parents.Family and friends of parents are routinely excluded from the court but groups of social workers are allowed to stay in the court to listen to their colleague’s testimony whether they are witnesses or not.

2:- Parents representing themselves are denied the opportunity to cross examine witnesses appearing against them.Judgements,reports from experts,and position statements are either witheld or given to parents at the last minute (too late to read and analyse them properly).

3:- Parents are routinely refused permission to call for a second opinion when “experts” and Doctors have testified against them.If parents record contacts with their children, or interviews with experts or social workers judges routinely refuse permission for these recordings to be heard yet they always allow recordings and video evidence to be heard if produced by police or social workers.

4:-Parents whose children have been taken are routinely and wrongly told that they may not talk to ANYONE about their case.

5:-Parents are jailed if they protest publlcly when their children are taken.They are also jailed for “breach of the peace” or “harassment” if they dare to trace and then contact their own children after adoption.Parents are therefore” twice gagged” contrary to the Human Rights Act ,Article 10 entitling all persons “freedom of expression”,ie freedom of speech.

6:-Local authority barristers in court often read out statements from absent persons as though they are themselves witnesses but they cannot be questioned.

7:- Most solicitors refuse to let their clients speak and then agree to all care orders demanded by social services.

8:-Judges routinely castigate parents who wish to speak or who represent themselves even though they have the right to do so;Their evidence and their arguments are usually ignored in the judgements.

9;-Parents representing themselves are often given an hour or two’s notice to appear in court but solicitors are given weeks !

10:-Parents are punished for “risk” ie not what they have done but for what they might do in the future! “Risk of emotional abuse” is favourite because there is no legal definition of this and it is usually impossible for parents to defend themselves against “predictions” by so called “experts”.

11:-Judges give social workers the power to withold parent’s contact with their children” in care” as a punishment for saying they love them and miss them or that they are fighting to get them back .They use this power to gag parents and force them into complete submission !

12:-Parents are in effect condemned for offences against their children on “probabilities” 51% instead of beyond reasonable doubt.

13:-Parents who were themselves in care or who were abused in childhood are often judged unfit to be parents as a result.

14:-Parents often forfeit their children for “failing to engage with professionals”

15:-Parents faced with forced adoption lose their children for life, without being allowed a hearing by jury.

16:-Under the UN Convention on children’s rights children have a RIGHT to be heard in court but are usually denied that right.

17:-Solicitors routinely tell client parents to agree to interim care orders or they risk never seeing their children again.A lie !

18:-Social workers are legally obliged to place children with relatives if possible but either ignore this or find pretexts to fail them on assessments

19:-Human rights to free speech and freedom of movement are breached by gagging orders and confiscating parents’ passports.

20:-Parents are routinely forbidden to call witnesses on their behalf contrary to human rights.Family and friends are wrongly prevented from entering the court.

17:- Extract from “The Times” April 13th 2010 !

“Lord Justice Wall (The Senior family court judge) said that the determination of some social workers to place children in an “unsatisfactory care system” away from their families was “quite shocking”.In a separate case on which Sir Nicholas Wall also sat, Lord Justice Aikens described the actions of social workers in Devon as “more like Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China than the West of England” !


Family torn apart in 15-minute court case by Judge James Orrell

18:-Lord Justice Thorpe said on Appeal “I am completely aghast at this case.There is nothing more serious than a removal hearing,because the parents are so prejudiced in proceedings thereafter.Once you have lost a child it is very difficult to get a child back.” The hearing above lasted only 15 minutes after a doctor “expressed the opinion” that bruising in the ear of one of the three children looked as though it was caused by pinching .The parents were not allowed to give any evidence!Their three children had all been forcibly removed until they were ordered to be returned by Lord Justice Thorpe on appeal.

19:-.If the three family judges above desribe the family courts respectively as “shocking”,”more like Mao’s China and Stalin’s Russia,and “prejudiced against parents” who would care to contradict them? !!

1:- The UK is the ONLY State in the WORLD that gags parents whose children have been taken by social services

2:- The UK is the ONLY State in Europe (except Croatia and possibly Portugal) to permit the horror of “forced adoption”.

3:-The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to allow “Punishment without crime” ie the taking of children by social services from parents who have not committed any criminal offence.

4:- The UK is the ONLY State in Europe taking children for “emotional abuse” and worse still “risk of emotional abuse” (on the basis of predictions from overpaid charlatans that one day parents just might harm their children)

5:- The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to censor conversation between parents and children in care.Children are left wondering what they have done wrong as parents are forbidden to explain the situation, or discuss the court case in any way. Phrases such as “I love you and I miss you” are also forbidden under the threat of contact beeing stopped immediately if the parents “transgress.” Children naturally begin to think their parents might not love them or want them back anymore.

20:-All this is a disgrace to democracy and a disgrace to freedom that could be instantly rectified by legislation to make all the above five practices illegal and to allow parents threatened with permanent separation from their children to demand a hearing by a jury.

October 2011


I had this sent to me by a friend on facebook as she thought it was disgusting and finally worked out the hassle I had been fighting against and why I ended up having a breakdown.





No shelter from the wind or rain,

I call for help, my cries in vain.

My clothes are wet; cold cuts to the bone.

But you walk past on your way home

I left my home some time ago

I left it and so well I know.

To escape from the pain and hurt

And being made to feel like dirt.

Out here on the street cold and bare,

I cry for help, but do you care?

A homeless person, alone and scared,

A way of life that is so unfair.

Do you think we want this life?

No family, no husband or loving wife?

When you see us you just complain,

As we cry for help, our cries in vain.

We are part of this society,

But were just not top in your priorities.

You blame us for our way of life.

We wouldn’t be here if we were treated right.

Some of us ran to get away from being abused,

Winning our right to survive, but in the end we loose.

The fear of being beaten is now dead and gone,
But so is our chances of having somewhere to call home.

No shelter from the wind or rain,

I call for help, my cries in vain.

My clothes are wet; cold cuts to the bone.

But you walk past on your way home.

Out here on the street cold and bare,

I cry for help, but do you care?

A homeless person, alone and scared,

A way of life that is so unfair.

A M Williamson


How can you deal,

With the feelings you feel.

When your hurt and all alone.

What can you say to children at play

When they ask why you cry in your room?

What can you do

With feelings so true

That eat you up inside.

When try as you might

To hold them so tight

The tears just shed away.

Just look for the day

When you know you can say

That the bad times are all behind.

When your children feel free.

To sit on your knee

Without sadness in their eyes.

A M Williamson


Screaming boldly to gain attention, yet silenced by
an angry grin.

The kitchen door is locked and bolted, unwanted desire: unleashed his sin.

Pressed against the kitchen counter; hard, callous hands tear clothes and

No escape, no strength or reason. No fight left to claw at him.

Closing eyes to shut out terror. Monopolised; as he forces himself within.

Waiting for the sound of silence, the taste of teardrops; your heart

Finding strength to bolt for freedom, wishing to wash the thoughts away.

Locking the door, to gain some safety; scrubbing your skin till red and sore.

Heartfelt sobs start to take over, a crumpled heap; shaking on the floor.

Bathroom mirror left smashed and broken, crimson blood rolls down the drain.

Childhood friends that can’t come over, reality of abuse sinking in.

How many times as you heard sorry? Remembering days, you can’t explain.

Shaking underneath blood stained sweaters, left silently screaming and

A M Williamson


Driving along in my car,

I love speed, I should go far.

The countryside whizzes by,

Over one hundred my car can fly.

Around this corner, it looks clear

No I hit something, Dam, oh dear.

Should I stop, should I break?

Should I ruin my great escape?

Can I look at what I’ve done?

Was it a child, man or pregnant mum?

I should slow down, go back and see

Get some help for them, would they for me?

The body lies broken at the side of the road.

I phone for help and do as I’m told,

To save the life I’ve almost taken

When the police get here, I’ll go to the station.

I should of slowed down, I should of looked.

Before that corner, the lives I’ve shook.

When written on paper it all looks clear

The price for speeding is very dear.

So when you get into your car

Even if late and need to go far.

Slow down slightly, reduce your speed

Or the next body could be that of you or me.

A M Williamson


Try this it’s easy,

Just smoke it and see.

When you’re high on a buzz,

You’ll be laughing like me.

Light it and smoke it,

What harm will it do?

Or try this injection,

I’ve done it. Will you?

Acid Tabs, Whiz and Ecstasy,

Using any of them is stupidity.

They poison your blood

And mess up your brain.

If you try them just once,

You must be insane.

Try it it’s easy,

Just try it and see.

How all of my friends

Have said this to me.

It’s easy to start,

But harder to stop.

You could end up dead.

It’s not cool to do drugs.

A M Williamson

The Philosophy of 2012.


Another day, another theory, well more a philosophy today.
2012, what will happen?
We’ve talked about the ideas, but what about the philosophy behind those ideas. I suppose the fact I’ve been studying Leibniz, Descates and Kants today probably helps.

Either way, my ideas for today are this:
If we assume that governments around the world are thinking along the lines of needing to build an underground metropolis due to the volcanic activity and radiation from the sun, the they would have needed to start this process approx ten years ago.

Think about it for a moment, to live below ground you’d need a plumbing system, climate control, air circulation systems, animal houses, green houses with specialized lights to grow food, houses or compartments for people, communication, food storage, water storage including a water purification system. Electricity for cooking, heating etc. Hospitals, schools, churches, entertainment areas. Plus, there’s the possibility of the evolutionary changes all living creatures would undergo if they were forced to live underground for any period of time in order to survive a polar reversal. After all, the underground cities, would need to link together, they’d need to be far enough below ground to solve any radiation problems, any heat deficit. If the ground above burn or froze. We’d need a transportation system that would continue to work for a long time without raw materials being accessable to fix problems. You’d have to look at the world as we know it, civilization wise being rebuilt below ground. It would take at least 10-20 years for something like that.

So, logically, if this work was not started many years ago, then it could be safe to assume that this is not our survival route as there isn’t enough time to complete such a project. But, then again would any government allow us to know that they were building a city under our feet?

So, onto the next idea, the arks. Again we shall look at this logically. Imagine the size they would need to be in order to house people, animals etc. Then, how many would be needed? Who would build them and where? If they are under construction why haven’t we heard anything about them? Again they would have to be near completion now in order to be any good-by 2012. Another mammoth task that would have started about 10 years ago. That alone can give us an idea of how much things would have changed in the planning stage due to technological advances. To withstand any radiation they’d need to be constructed of radiation resistant materials. Do we have anything that could do that?

What about near zero or zero gravity? unlike an underground metropolises this would surely cause a problem for arks. How would we maintain any stability in this situation? then again, the materials used would need to be strong enough to withstand different forms of impact. Assume for one moment that scientists are right with the idea of meteors being drawn towards the Earth, so they’d need to withstand a meteor hitting them. Again we have the problem over recycling air, water etc. Changes that could take place both physically and psychologically to all living things from living in a confined space without access to nature.

Next question, how good would an ark be if instead of a flood, we had an ice age or volcanic eruptions that covered the world in fire?  salvation would turn into a tomb or cremation.  Maybe if the Arks could also sustain long-term flight, or had some kind of force field to protect it and those in it, then an Ark could easily be the salvation it is classed as being.

So, if both of these human ideas fail, what is left, what hope is there for the survival of not just human, but all living things?

This is where the more extreme beliefs come into play, the belief that some form of alien life will turn up just at the right time and save us from ruin.

Ok from a philosophical point of view, I need to explain why this theory could possibly be correct, or incorrect as the case may be. We shall start from the view-point that we have no recorded documentation from the last polar reversal, we know they have happened throughout the life of our planet. According to scientists a polar reversal wiped out the dinosaurs. But many other living organisms still survived.  So, how did these things survive the ice age and was the ice age preceded by a massive flood?

Next, the reported sightings of aliens or UFO’s have increased dramatically over the last 100 years. This time period seems to correspond to scientists beliefs about how overdo the planet is for another polar reversal. Yet, predicting global events has never been an exact science.

There are many different ancient cultures that have left artworks of differing complexities, depicting God’s of one form or another. These could be classed as early encounters between humans and aliens. We only believe that all these things are mythological because we have found no archeological remnants of bones etc to show they existed. Even the earliest religions depict a life after death scenario, where God’s save mankind from disaster.

Furthermore, if we believe that Aliens will come and rescue us, then they already have the technology needed to ensure our survival. They have built space ships capable of stella travel, any oxygen, water, food needs will be taken care of by their advanced technological abilities.

again, if we look at it that we all evolved from the apes as some scientists state, then why is the world full of people from different races? Unless, they are trying to say we evolved from different species of apes. (which leads me to wonder why if we evolved from apes, we still have apes around today, wouldn’t they too of evolved?)  However, looking at it from a completely different view-point, that goes against any acknowledged beliefs. (In other words, neither scientific or religion based) What if the reason we have different races on our planet, different languages is because we originate from different colonies of humans that were saved by aliens from different dying planets. Very far-fetched I know, thinking outside the box is definitely a must for this theory, but it is a remote possibility. That there is a race of alien life forms that go round the different universes and save as many living things as possible from dying planets, or planets that are going through a global disaster.

Maybe when this planet is due its polar reversal, they will come back and take sample groups from our different cultures and place them back on what would have been their ancestors home planets. This could explain some of the mythological creatures that are known far and wide in fairy tales etc. It could be that like the dinosaurs the aliens decided those creatures were too dangerous to try to help etc.

It sounds plausible, even if it would go against every thing we have ever been taught in school and life. Unfortunately, the only way to prove or disprove any of these theories is by waiting till we have a polar reversal and seeing what happens, then, if anyone is left alive they will know the truth.



Let us explore for a moment the different ideas that surround December 2012.
This is by no means an extensive list of possibilities, these are just a few ideas that I have found whilst searching the web.
If we agree that we are due a magnetic Pole reversal, then we do not necessarily need to agree that the south and north pole will switch places. They could well only have a 90o shift instead of a 180o shift. Which, would of course give us new equator lineage and could also change the position of both sea and landmass areas with more landmass available after the transformation is complete and could possibly raise Atlantis from where it fell.
According to some web sites the Earth will enter a phase of zero gravity, which may last for about eleven years. However, we should take into consideration that we have no record of this zero gravity ever happening before and as such it may just become a very weak magnetism and not absolute zero. I have also noted that there is little, if any information on any site in relation to the oxygen levels during this type of event.
Depending on which documentaries, books or films you take notice of there are many different types of effects on which to base any prediction of 2012 if we consider that it will happen. There is an idea that we will experience electronic malfunctions, in which migrating birds will lose sense of direction, whales, sharks and dolphins will swim into shallow waters and drown. The aquatic life forms that currently inhabit the deeper parts of the ocean will rise towards the surface and in doing so will grow considerable as the water pressure is reduced around them.
Most agree that we will experience increases in volcanic activity, even dormant volcanoes will splutter back into life. Tectonic movement will create more, more powerful earthquakes, landslides and avalanches.
All life forms will have weakened immune systems, which is why the saying only the strongest survive seems to have stemmed. This means that if the Mayan’s were correct we should start to prepare for this event by taking our health seriously starting now.
We have been told for years that the ozone layer, that is the layer that surrounds the Earth and helps protect us from the sun’s harmful rays, is depleting. If we lose the Earth’s ozone layer as a result of a polar reversal, we will see an increase in radiation hazards and cancer.
Assuming we end up with zero gravity then I am sure everyone is aware of the dangers we will face. However, if we end up with a reduced gravity field, then there is no saying what the dangers will be. However, it is strange to think that the films etc say we will end up with tidal waves etc and yet this could not happen in a zero gravity field. How things would work in a reduced gravity field I can not say as I do not have the facilities to test this theory. There are also some who think that a polar reversal will result in large asteroids being drawn towards the Earth, yet I feel this may be a little excessive if we end up with a low or zero gravity.
Forgive me if my memory on gravity is wrong, but I remember a teacher getting us to half fill a bucket with water and then spinning it round. The fact that the water stayed inside the bucket was a lesson in how gravity works. So, for us to end up with a zero or reduced gravity field, then wouldn’t that imply that the world will either slow down or stop altogether? This doesn’t seem to coincide with the reports about what happened during the ice age, even though we are supposed to be able to relate our next polar reversal back to the ice age and the end of the dinosaurs.
If this simple idea is wrong, then how much of what we are told might happen is related to fact and how much is related to scaremongering?
The next thought is where would we as humans be safe? There are some who consider the ark idea from the film 2012 to be the correct way to go, feeling that the Earth will be flooded and a sea going vessel which is stronger than any we have to date would ensure the survival of the human race. Yet, there are others who believe that we should look for a simpler solution to the problem and that as the surface of the earth is wiped clean to start again, we should build a new civilization underground, safe from the floods, fire etc, where we can filter and recycle the air we breathe, generate our own power and grow our own foods. This may be viable, if any such grand scale plan had already been put into play, for it would take over two years to build such a labyrinth of tunnels etc needed in order to save as many people as possible.
How about the next group of people, who believe that the influx of UFO sightings means that alien life forms will be the ones to save us from the cataclysmic events foreseen to happen in 2012. As I have said in previous posts, I do believe that there are other life forms out there and that we are not alone in the universe. I also believe that they may be friendlier than we portray them in films, books etc. Truth is we fear what we do not know and as such we destroy what we do not understand. So, why would any intelligent life form help us, when they would obviously have the technology to view and understand the films that have been made where we destroy and alien life that comes onto our planet? Which makes me wonder if aliens access our web and work out who to abduct and have these abductees been used to find out how to keep our race alive on a different plane? Come on any life form who have the technology to travel at light speed or more in order to cross the galaxy have no reason to destroy a world, we are destroying ourselves.

How many of us added our names to a NASA plaque sent off into space? Will our survival ultimately be down to those who added information sent out by NASA to communicate with other life forms? Or will there be a different way of securing our survival? For the most part, we acknowledge that if the governments of the world were building giant arks in order to save at least some of us after a polar reversal we also acknowledge that like in the film 2012 basically only those who are rich enough to pay millions will be ensured a seat. If we acknowledge that the governments could be building an underground metropolis to ensure human survival, we would again have to acknowledge that only those who are rich enough to pay millions will be given a pass to be allowed inside. On the other hand if we acknowledge that there is a chance that extraterrestrials hold the key to our survival, then we have to acknowledge that even those who are poor have as much chance as the rich when it comes to being saved. For me at least I’d like to believe that if our survival lays in the hands of aliens, they will chose people equipped to deal with both things like space travel and setting up a new world on another planet. People who are good with their hands, those who will ensure health and history. This way anyone could be chosen in order to repopulate a planet. People who will accept help from beings, possibly very different to us. People who would be calm and can adjust to a new way of life.
So, where does this leave us? The same place as it did before I introduced you all to these bits of information. We still do not know enough information in order to theorise any kind of plan. If the Mayan’s were right and that the world as we know it will come to an end in December 2012, many of us will die. We will all lose people we love and care about and only a few if any people will survive. There is no saying that we can depend on the December 2012 idea for a polar reversal, it could be sooner or later than this. But, we should take into consideration that over the past few years there have been more earthquakes, volcanic events, earthquakes and the such like. We have been given warnings, what matters now is how much notice we take of these warnings and what steps we take in order to insure the survival of man.
As normal, I wish you all the best, stay well and stay safe.

Beginning or end?


Will 2012 be the end of everything, or the beginning of something new.
There are those who will say that the end is nigh and that we should repent before the rapture is upon us.

Others will tell you that the earth is overdue a polar reversal, that is when the pole’s shift and the Earth’s crust move, causing natural disasters and basically killing thousands of people.
One way to look at it is when we are driving along in the sun, generally one arm will get hotter as the sun, so we move our arm if possible to stop it burning. Same principle for the Earth, the crust needs to realign in order to heal. Maybe the changing of the pole’s will somehow cause a chain reaction which will replenish the ozone layer.

Would the Government tell us in advance, if they knew we were due a monumental event like a polar shift? No, of course they wouldn’t, not because they are nasty assholes who are power-hungry, but because it would cause world-wide chaos. We need to look at this from a reality standpoint, if we were suddenly told that in December 2012 or for argument sake, April 2013 that the weather would worsen, tidal waves would hit the coast, Volcano’s would erupt and only the lucky would survive what would we do?

Well, from the time we knew about it we’d stop worrying about simple things like work or education, law and peace, come on be honest with yourself would you care about your kid going to school if the chances were they only had a year or two to live?

Human life has a built-in fight or flight mechanism, this has been proven time and time again, so people would either try to run from something they don’t understand, probably causing hassle on the way, or they’d fight back in some vain hope that violence could solve the problem.

I know a lot of people who said the film 2012 was rubbish, that it was all wrong. But these same people also believe that the government would sell seats to the highest bidder if they built ark’s or another salvation type transport. Yet, they also say that the next major event will come in the form of fire, as God said he would never again flood the Earth.

Come on, wake up, look at the natural disasters that happen all the time on our planet. Hundreds, if not thousands of people die every year from starvation, floods, earthquakes, bush fires etc. Our planet does have a way of fighting back. We have no real concept of what the future holds for any of us. I look, I watch, I learn. This does not mean that I can predict the future, this doesn’t mean that I will survive any Global event due to hit our planet, but it does mean I make plans, I try to work out what I would do in different situations, yet when all is said and done, it’s a game of chance.

I like to think that the Maya were right in respect that we are due a new terrerformation of the planet, that the earth’s crust will shift and that there will be a pole reversal. This way at least we have a chance of surviving. Maybe we do need to rebalance the books.

looking back through history we can see that there was an ice age, there is some evidence that there was also a flood. each time man has survived. There is nothing to say we won’t survive again. If we have been given clues through different forms of ancient writings, then shouldn’t we study them in order to prepare ourselves for what is still to come?

There are so many theories out there, that it is difficult to work out which one could possibly be correct. If there is knowledge out there that we are not privy to, there must be a reason for it. Maybe the best minds of our time are working on a solution to any future problems, but this also makes me wonder how many of these great minds are influenced by a built-in belief system, which could pose a problem in itself to any solution. Sometimes we try to find difficult solutions to simple problems. Maybe, just maybe there is another way of looking at the problems, one which will create an easier solution.

I may not have all the answers, but I am willing to try to work out the problems and find a solution to any problems I can find. That is why I am writing this blog, an impartial onlooker, working out different solutions to the different theories.

So, if you know of any other theories, that are not contained in this blog, please let me know so that I can look at those as well and build a database of different theories, with some possible solutions.

Oil Spill


Just been reading about the oil spill again on twitter. hurricanes are due that will send the oil inland and potentially destroy the habitat and lives of thousands of animals etc. There must be a way to stop this.
What gets me is they keep using the same methods which have proved over time to be inefficient. Why don’t they try something else?
When cooking spag bol, I use kitchen roll to remove excess oil from the meat by placing one piece over the oil, waiting for it to soak in the oil and then remove it. There must be something like kitchen paper that can be placed over the oil to remove it from the sea. Something they could then remove and possibly salvage some oil back from.
The oil is floating on top of the water, isn’t there something that the oil will stick to that can easily be removed without causing a natural catastrophe. From my limited knowledge of oil, it seems to stick to everything, so a lightweight material would easily collect the oil or cap it so that it can’t cause any more damage.
Plus, if covered or capped, birds wouldn’t be able to land on it and get stuck.
Maybe I am thinking to simplistically, but maybe a simple solution could work better than what they are currently doing.

I also read an article on nano technology which stops ketchup from sticking to the glass, could there possibly be a nano technology that would act as an oil magnet and remove the oil from the water?

Life by choice or design?


Come on, haven’t we all wondered if life is by our own choice or by the design of others?

This is one of those ever-present questions that not many people wish to answer. To say we have a choice in life is to say that we determine everything that happens to us from birth till death. To say that someone else designs our life is like saying that we have no imput into what we do and as such the religious idea of free will gets thrown out the window. So which is it? Maybe, it is a bit of both.

As such you may wonder why I am blogging about something that no-one can answer one way or the other without creating a philosophical debate that could rage for the rest of humanity. I ask this question as it opens the mind to the possibility that sometimes there could be a combined answer, or even a different answer all together.

My blog will be used to ask such random questions, to look into life and see if an answer can be found and also to ramble on a bit about different things that happen to come to mind, which, if it wasn’t for this blog I may never say to another person. Then again, there is no saying that anyone will even read this blog and my silly ramblings and questions may just drift around cyber space for all eternity without ever being read by another person.

Do I care? again another question with no simple answer. Part of me would like people to reply to my posts and try to get a civilized, intellectual conversation flowing that could span the world taking no notice of creed, colour, orientation, legislation, sex (meaning male or female) or even intelligence. You will probably notice here that I have tried to cover as many situations as I can without being politically incorrect. After all in our modern lives we must be wary of upsetting others and yet at the same time this has in many ways also been forced on us by those who decide the political and humanitarian rules of our countries. That is not to say that I wouldn’t add these things anyway as I believe we are all the same under the skin, we all bleed the same, feel the same. In other words we all have feelings, we can be happy, sad, angry, excited etc….

Now, I have that out the way let me add that if anything I say does offend you, please understand that this was not my intention and you can tell me, but I politely ask that you do this in the same kind of way as you would like someone to tell you.

Which brings me back to the first question are our lives by our own choice or someone else’s design?

how many of our thoughts or beliefs are our own? how many are historical beliefs and thoughts passed down to us by well-intentioned parents who were given these thoughts by their well-intentioned parents, etc etc etc.

Just in case you are wondering, I am not a Nutter. Just someone who thinks a lot, maybe too much at times. I question many things. For an example, I am the kind of person who will watch a film and then spend days analysing it, working out what I would do in the same kind of situation. Which draws me to watch many kinds of films, natural disaster films, zombie films, vampire’s, psychological thrillers, crime so many different subjects. Too many to list. I also read many different types of books, but find I can only read a book once.

But I digress, the question for today has been stated and now I should follow-up my question with some form of argument in order to create a basis for analysis and to start a debate.

Well here goes, when we are born we rely on our parents to do everything for us, this is a fact of life that none of us can get away from even if we wanted to. When I say parents I include whoever looks after us for those formative years which helps to shape the kind of person we will eventually become. At some point we leave the safety of these people and start to make friends, probably when we go to playschool, or pre-school as it is known in other countries. Those first few hours without being monitored by our parents. Here we start to learn from other people, we explore the world and learn new things. Is this when we take over and decide our own path in life?

Some may say that we start to design our own lives when we leave home and go it alone in the world, but if that is true then answer me this….. What do you do when you find out later in life that something you thought was real, turns out to be a lie? Something from our childhood that we have based our belief system on turns out to be different. Then what do we do?

Can someone explain what we do when we lose our sense of self?

I hope this isn’t too many questions in one blog. I wanted to make this first blog session perfect, but I keep being interrupted and it throws me off my thought pattern. As such, I will leave it here and see if anyone replies.

If you are reading this take care, stay safe and stay well. Best wishes are sent your way and good vibes follow.